First day

This was originally posted on another blog of mine, which never quite took off, about my decision to stop eating meat (which did take off).

I couldn’t possibly eat meat today.

Like I said, I’m still researching. Well, at least I would be if I didn’t have an exam on Friday :-) Although I’m pretty sure nothing will change my mind, I don’t usually rush into decisions.

Still, after what I saw yesterday night… I couldn’t possibly eat meat today.

This is a good opportunity for a bit of background info on me. I am a 23 year-old guy from Portugal. Since last September and until upcoming July, however, I’ve been studying in Bristol, UK.

And that’s all the background info I’ll share for now :-)

Well there I was at Co-op, this morning, looking for a ready-made meal that I’d just have to stick in the oven. You know, exam period. Funny how I used to think “wow, there’s loads of vegetarian stuff” before I was interested in it. Today I wished I had more choice. I ended up bringing home delicious stuff:

  • Co-operative spinach and ricotta cannelloni, x2 (£4);
  • Co-operative stonebaked margherita pizza (£2.50).

Now, both are “Suitable for vegetarians”, yet both contained dairy products. Not that I’m getting hard-core straight from the bat, I’m just beginning to be aware of options, or lack thereof.

Talking with flatmates, ideas of carefully chosen products came to discussion. Carefully chosen products as in meat from certified “we-don’t-work-like-that” farms. Well, that’s part of the researching I want to do. If anybody has ideas towards a not-so-radical point of view, please do post them here.

Duty (study) calls!

PS. Forgot to mention the fact that the cannelloni was indeed delicious :-)


2 Responses to “First day”

  1. fortheloveofcharcoal Says:

    well, I was in the same boat as you, looking for options, but I won’t eat cruelty free meat either. I just got used to not eating meat at all. I tried the cruelty free and found I had lost the taste for it in the short time I had stopped and couldn’t justify to myself, eating meat at all, but it was a process for me. You may not go in that direction yourself. I think that if you are prepared, you won’t feel like there is less out there for you to eat and you won’t need to look into the ethics of free range, cruelty free or what ever it is called if you have things on hand to make. Unfortunately, that sometimes means cooking from scratch and not from a box.

  2. Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! Indeed, I am just beginning but I can perfectly imagine not wanting to worry about the origins of any meat I would buy, after realising a vegetarian diet totally fulfilled my needs.

    And I do want to improve my cooking skills, so it all fits together :-)

    PS. Sorry for the moderation of comments, but the amount of spam I usually get in other blogs is impressive… I’m sure you’ll understand.

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