Alrighty then

That's me not so long ago


Hello everybody,

Welcome to my new blog.

Those who know me and my blogging tendencies are probably thinking “here we go again”. If you’re new here, I’ll explain: on the right you’ll find links to my previous blogs, one about my Erasmus experience and the other about my disgust with animal abuse. If you explore them (thanks for reading, by the way), you may notice they weren’t updated very frequently. Sorry about that. But…

… three things. The first, I will no longer update them, except for a post redirecting people to this blog. The second, as you may have assumed from the first, I’ll be posting exclusively on this blog, even when talking about Erasmus or animal rights. The third, I will be posting about pretty much anything in this blog – specialised blogs are prone to long idle periods, general (but tidy) blogs are (hopefully) updated more often.

Well, not such a great start for a blog, huh, already making excuses and promises? Bear with me. I never believed in good starts anyway. A bad start in a journey is just like a bad moment in the middle – as long as there is no bad ending, it doesn’t really matter.

So here I will be talking about anything that I find in my path of development. If I write something it’s because I think someone may find value in it, so if you do, I’m a very happy man!

Feel free to comment, actually, please do! Feedback is always appreciated. I’m afraid I’ll have to set the comment moderation on, but it’s only to avoid spam (the amount of which I receive in one of the other blogs is impressive).

Thanks for reading, wish me luck, and come back often :-)


11 Responses to “Alrighty then”

  1. It is looking good…
    Good luck… I will be following it…


    /* Secret Handshake */


  2. Subscribed! Hope to hear from you. :)

  3. Congratulations, you’ve just broken the record of the person with the most feeds in my feed reader!
    Now keep this one going ;)
    Nice photo btw!

  4. *add to feed reader*

    waiting to read new material! btw, if you really learn how to overcome gravity, send me and email or something. i could use the knowledge. ;)

  5. João Vale Says:

    Nice, nice. Will follow. ^^

    Btw, Blackle’s claimed savings are false. It saves way less than it claims on CRTs and actually consumes a bit more on LCDs smaller than about 22” (source here).

    That said, I do like black background. It’s easier on the eyes. ^^


  6. hhmm..a ver s este blog é actualizado mais que 2 vezes por ano :x

  7. Good to see that I’ve joined the two other blogs in one. Saves a lot of time surfing through then every now and then searching for new posts. This way’s better!
    Good luck, hope you post oftenly!

    Gero arte! (see you soon)

  8. Good job and good words!
    Keep it up!

  9. *add to greader*

    Another blog bites the web! :)
    good luck with it and with the real life also ;)

  10. Lawless Says:

    I made it alllllllll the way to the bottom, because that is just the kind of stalker I am ;-) And you are less than 100 ahead of me now, and it will only get worse, sorry.

  11. Actually this morning I looked at it and grinned “crap, I’ll be way behind when I get back”. But hey, still a while to go ;-)

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