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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock…

Posted in Self-improvement on December 24, 2008 by Fax

Merry Christmas! :-)

I know, I know, it’s been a long time! Can you believe I have four (!) drafts from as far as the beginning of November? Well I don’t expect you to, heh, but I do, really.

But I just had to leave a Christmas message for you guys :-) and the message is…


I’m not just talking about the usual gifts. They kind of became something other than just giving, but I’m sure you are just as tired of hearing “Christmas has become this consumerism something-or-another blah blah blah” as I am. Not that I don’t agree with it, it’s just not what I’m saying.

I’m talking about giving value, people! Giving more of yourself!

Then you’ll notice you’ll start receiving much more than you usually do.

Do you think people smile often on the streets? They don’t, do they? Strangers don’t usually say hello when they pass by you, especially not in Portugal, right? Well try this:

You smile first.

As a matter of fact less than 15 minutes ago, on my way here, I confirmed that for the billionth time, I kid you not. (And she was cute too ;-) Oh I had to say that.) You’ll be surprised – most people smile back! I’d say 80%, on my experience. From those, a very big percentage doesn’t give you the best smile they’ve got. I add those to the 20% who don’t smile at all and explain it in a very simple way:

They’re not used to receive this way, uncompromised.

Most of us aren’t. I’m still not used to it, to be honest, sometimes I’m really surprised with random acts of kindness from other people. I shouldn’t be! But I’m just not used to it, and that’s sad.

So GIVE! And not just this season, come on, make it a habit.

Another very important thing I believe in is this:

You are only ready to receive something when you’re ready to give it away.

Think about it. Whatever it is, you don’t need it. The moment you think you need it is the moment when it starts being a bad thing for you. What do you really need in this life? You only have a limited amount of time to find air before things start looking grim for you, but you can go get food if you get hungry, you can go get shelter if it’s cold. I’m not saying “go caveman”, “go starve” or whatever, do you get my point? I’m not saying “give away all your possessions”.

I’m saying “be ready, hell, be eager to give them away”, at any time. Only when you feel ready to give something can you truly enjoy having it. Because you feel you don’t need it, you don’t depend on it.

Oh, almost forgot… don’t think “when I have it I’ll give it“. This is a symptom of what I was just talking about. I’m specifically talking about giving to charity here, you know very well that you’re lucky enough to have MUCH more than a LOAD of people out there.

Go out and do it :-) I’m sure you’ll feel great about it.

Merry Christmas to you all! I’ll hopefully get back to you soon, but have fun above all, meanwhile :-)