It’s all about change

Hey guys,

Happy 2009 :-)

It’s late, and I gotta get up to work tomorrow morning. Something I totally don’t feel ready for at the moment, but like I always say, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Anyway, I thought I’d share what my current list of New Year resolutions looks like.

By the way, if you’re having trouble setting goals, this (very) recent article at sums up all the good advice I ever got about it. Do browse the rest of the articles while you’re at it, it’s a great source of information on style. If you’re a man, of course – women don’t need that sort of thing.

So, New Year resolutions. At least the ones I won’t keep to myself. Here we go:

  • Gain at least 15kgs of weight. That’s right guys, I am saying this. I am an otherwise healthy guy, but the fact that I seem powerless when it comes to gaining weight messes with me a bit. I want to finally plow through that. Now, in all the search and failed attempts I had the opportunity to learn a lot about nutrition and physical activity, it has been very insightful. A little bit more than a kilogram a month is a perfectly attainable goal, and I think I’m finally ready to make a consistent attempt. This is my major goal for the year – telling you about it makes me accountable for it. If in a year from now I haven’t achieved this, it should be considered an epic failure;
  • I have a medium goal as well, if there is such a thing, but I want to reserve a whole post for that. Stay tuned.
  • As for smaller goals, to read at least half an hour a day without distractions is the first I listed. I’m not saying one hour for now because I currently can’t afford it, but in a couple of months that will change. As for a list of books I want to read, I have Fire in the Belly – On Being a Man, by Sam Keen on top, Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead next and I also want to tackle her magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged;
  • Travel is another one. I’ll be in Berlin in April to see my Erasmus friends in what shall be a kick-ass reunion. Then in the summer I want to finally go visit my family in the US. It’s something I seem to postpone every year. In the winter I want to try skiing somewhere in the Alps.
  • Nurture my interest for psychology. I want to finally read something on the subject – if you know of any good layman books, do let me know – and I’ll be taking the opportunity of having more and more psychologist friends coming into my social circle to have interesting conversations on it.
  • Speaking of my social circle, I want to develop it. For example, I don’t think I have any friends in the world of art, and I’d love to.
  • Finally, I want to set up a steady business in SecondLife. I have been researching in all tangents, and I have a few ideas I want to try out there. After a few failures, I’m sure I’ll find something I’ll love to do and that other people will find value in.

Alright, I’d better get some sleep. I won’t commit to anything because I know myself too well, but it crossed my mind to set writing here once a week as a goal. Oh well, you’ll hear from me again soon. Meanwhile have fun, whatever you do!


4 Responses to “It’s all about change”

  1. Hey,

    Couple of interesting topics you touch there. I definitely think you should gain *some* weight, I’ll be happy to eat some “francesinhas” with you xD You should go with the healthy food, though.

    Give me an heads up if you find some nice books on Psychology, I’ve been trying to nurture that area in me for quite some time.. I personally like the behaviour analysis best, don’t know if you’re headed that way.

    As for the business, two points.
    1. Good Luck! It’s gonna be hard in the beginning no matter how hard you prepare yourself.
    2. I really like the idea of a business in a virtual world. Is there some kind of legislation or it’s free market everywhere? Something that protects you as an businessman at all from unfair competition and similar? Can you actually manufacture something?

    Cheers and feel free to link me if that info’s available somewhere ^^

  2. Good Luck…

    I also would like to eat a Francesinha (full of meat) with you ;)

    We have to meet up to discuss some common project for this year… let me know when you are free…

  3. Thanks guys, appreciated :-) I’ll have to pass on the Francesinha, heh, unless you find me a vegetarian one that doesn’t mean merely stripping it from its meat ;-)

    Tomé, the market in SL is very interesting, I could go on and on about it :-) In short, you basically have three things going on for you and your products in there: intellectual property on anything you create, your creativity and your ability to market your stuff. Yep, you do manufacture things inside, from clothing and toys to planes and castles – there’s a basic 3d modelling tool inside and a scripting language to bring things to life.

    Pffft, we should talk about this some day, I’ve got enough material for a big post only answering your questions in a more detailed way :-)

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