Take charge

Hey guys,

Remember me saying I had a new year resolution that I’d like to dedicate an entire post to? Well here we go:

It’s about doing what you want.

Those of you who know me better have definitely figured this out about me: I can’t do anything without motivation, but when I’m motivated there isn’t much stopping me.

Here’s what I found out: I do not need to do anything that doesn’t motivate me.

I can’t stress this enough: life is too short. Reconsider every sacrifice you think you are making. If it’s not being rewarding at the moment, it’s probably not worth it. For a better future, eh? Think about it. The time is now, and you are wasting it.

“Yeah, I wish I could spend my day laying on high green grass with a hat on my face and just fall asleep like that, but I’ve got to work for a living”. Not what I’m saying.

Is your work a chore? It shouldn’t be. It does not need to be, and you are in control. That’s about 8 hours, one third of your day, every day, every year of your life. Another third you spend asleep. Do you really just want to enjoy one third of your life? No. You better make your work rewarding then. What would you rather be doing for a living? OK, fair, that sounds cool actually :-). So, what’s stopping you?

Look, I know it’s not easy. But nothing is, and it does become a lot easier the moment you set your mind to it.

Don’t be afraid to say No. This goes back to my Christmas message – be willing to give away what you have. You don’t need it. If it’s stopping you from living your life to the fullest, you don’t want it.

Find what is the thing or things that you most enjoy doing. Focus on using your best skills the most and avoiding what you’re not so good at – you are just not tailored to do it, don’t force it. It’s better for you and everyone around you.

The time is now. Not one day in the future when things will be better. You do not need to toil.


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