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Hypocrite alert, hypocrite alert

Posted in News, Vegetarianism on May 17, 2009 by Fax

Almost a year past since my decision to stop eating meat, I’m proud to say this: haven’t touched it meanwhile. But, but, there’s a catch.

I still eat fish. Rationale: oh well since I’m back to my parents’ it’ll be too much trouble for them to make two special meals for me (they usually balance with a meat lunch and fish dinner). Guess what happens out of thinking that way – I’m no longer at my parents’, and even though I’m in total control of what I do or do not eat and have options, I’ve been eating fish nonetheless.

So I’m on the train back “home” and decided to watch another one of those “shock and awe” videos on animal abuse, similar to the one that made me open my eyes to all this in the first place, but this time oriented towards sea animals. Check it out at, “Top three reasons not to eat fish”, or follow this link. I have to say I’m skeptical in what concerns all the mercury hype – I’m obviously not saying it’s not true, it just sounds hypeish, I’ll need to look into it – but it doesn’t really matter anyhow, the video had me at reason #1. It’s just cruel.

Ok, so what am I going to do about it? Simple – no more fish eating when I have the choice. About time to a) cook ;-) and b) start sucking up those mushrooms. And when I don’t have the choice? Oh I’ll use that opportunity to make some propaganda.

Goodbye, codfish and the likes. You were good.