Hypocrite alert, hypocrite alert

Almost a year past since my decision to stop eating meat, I’m proud to say this: haven’t touched it meanwhile. But, but, there’s a catch.

I still eat fish. Rationale: oh well since I’m back to my parents’ it’ll be too much trouble for them to make two special meals for me (they usually balance with a meat lunch and fish dinner). Guess what happens out of thinking that way – I’m no longer at my parents’, and even though I’m in total control of what I do or do not eat and have options, I’ve been eating fish nonetheless.

So I’m on the train back “home” and decided to watch another one of those “shock and awe” videos on animal abuse, similar to the one that made me open my eyes to all this in the first place, but this time oriented towards sea animals. Check it out at goveg.com, “Top three reasons not to eat fish”, or follow this link. I have to say I’m skeptical in what concerns all the mercury hype – I’m obviously not saying it’s not true, it just sounds hypeish, I’ll need to look into it – but it doesn’t really matter anyhow, the video had me at reason #1. It’s just cruel.

Ok, so what am I going to do about it? Simple – no more fish eating when I have the choice. About time to a) cook ;-) and b) start sucking up those mushrooms. And when I don’t have the choice? Oh I’ll use that opportunity to make some propaganda.

Goodbye, codfish and the likes. You were good.


3 Responses to “Hypocrite alert, hypocrite alert”

  1. It’s sad that people fall for these videos, although they have been made with only one purpose: shocking people with cruel videos that are not always in context.

    Most of these videos are a set-up (or how is it called in English?). It’s like you say: “reason #1: it’s just cruel”. You don’t even hesitate to reject their opinion because they convinced you with shocking images. You have doubts (being sceptic) but that doesn’t matter to the makers of this video: they convinced you with the shock-mechanism even though you don’t necessarily agree with the contents of their message. Something to think about.

  2. Interesting point, but somewhat irrelevant in my opinion. Here’s why: in whatever context, those images are real. My avoidance of consuming meat is based on not wanting to be a part of that system. I am skeptic about some claims (in this specific case, the mercury issue), but I have no doubt that the “food production system”, bar cruelty-free industries, does imply the suffering of animals. It is a shame that it takes images like these to work as wake-up calls, but I guess it’s the way it works these days – shock and awe.

    Thank you for your comment :-) I wish I could read Dutch. By the way, I don’t know you, do I? (I have some friends from the Netherlands and Belgium)

  3. Maybe google translate could help. (just a tip) :) But no, I guess you don’t know me. I stumbled upon your article with the wordpress “readomattic” feature.

    I only have a problem with the way some institutions misuse the people’s trust to make points that are not always valid. I’ll give you one example: anti-fur propaganda with images of “sad, white seals”. These groups stil exploit the image of young white coat seals in their fund raising campaigns, even though hunting of white coats has been illegal in Canada over 20 years.

    Check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_gTBDFTXE0 This is a confession of a former greenpeace founder. He says that they knowingly exploited people’s trust and used that to get their money. The video was shocking and every animal lover would have been terrified by it, but the video didn’t matter.

    Check this excerpt: “And now we have a dozen people this year from Greenpeace California – I mean they’re coming from the highest standard of living region in North America – they’re traveling to the place with the lowest income per year on this continent telling them not to kill seals because they’re cute.”

    Full transcription: http://www.brok.be/recentnl63.html

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