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The Expression of Affection

Posted in Uncategorized on January 12, 2010 by Fax

«Love is imponderable and universally irresponsible. There is not enough gravity to talk seriously about love and that is why it’s not worth it to treat it with gravity.

Love is an adolescent feeling, with all that has of color, sun and dreams laying on the sand. And things flow, should flow, the longer the better, and even the words that we then say are only good for expressing what we live in the love relationship, and that is not necessarily the essence of love.

I say, you are so beautiful, and I express not an aesthetic judgment, but a state of mind, I want to say that there is nothing as beautiful as you and that that beauty moves me and it is from that moving that the love I feel for you bursts from. Do you see what I mean? When I love, I am not capable of describing exactly what I feel, but what is extraordinary about it is that I couldn’t care less about describing what I feel, and it’s that difference, that consciousness of the uselessness of the words, that voluntary resignation to understanding what love is, that allows me to realize that I love.

What I say, I therefore say it because it is necessary that the voice sounds between two lovers, that it echoes the stunning of the heart, that it calls to the other what we want the other to hear inside of us.»

– in A Expressão dos Afectos, António Mega Ferreira


Whoa, it’s that time of the year already?!

Posted in News, Self-improvement on January 7, 2010 by Fax

Hah! Happy New Year!

Alright, real quick: nope, I’m not 15kg heavier, but I am 7kg heavier :) Considering I only started taking it seriously (read going to the gym and following a nutrition plan) in September, it’s not reeeeeeeeeally an epic failure ;)

The rest of the stuff I listed as resolutions… baaaaaaaaaah, forget all that, I did a ton of cooler things ;) No, seriously, I did!

Resolutions for 2010? Um… Carpeing the diem more than ever ;)

Yup, I’m feeling fantastic! And so should you :)