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One hundred push-ups

Posted in Exercise, Self-improvement on February 19, 2010 by Fax

I’m doing it, as of yesterday. After a break from the gym that is already way longer than I planned, I found this and… had to do it!

I did the initial test last night (doin push-ups to failure, counting how many), and was happily surprised: 19! And I’m pretty sure I would have made it to 21 if it weren’t for the unstable base I was using (my wrists hurt if I lay my palm on the floor, so I do them with closed fists; it is therefore a good idea to put some kind of cloth between them and the floor, but I had the not-so-great idea of using a couple of small pillows, which kept sliding inwards, hurting my form).

So in six weeks from now, I should be able to perform 100 push-ups in one set. Kick ass!