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Halfway-through assessment

Posted in Career, News, Self-improvement on June 5, 2009 by Fax

Can you believe we’re already halfway-through 2009? Holy macaroni.

Time to do an assessment over my Resolutions for this year. Oh dear, just looking at them makes me go eeek… OK, here we go:

  • Gain at least 15kgs of weight: uh oh, epic failure on the horizon. I’m at the exact same point I was half a year ago;
  • Medium goal: I’ll leave this one for later :-);
  • Read at least half an hour a day: Nope, I haven’t. I’ve read more so far than in the past couple of years, that I’m sure of, but not at this pace;
  • Travel: So far so good – I did go to Berlin, and I’ve done some tripping in Portugal as well. We’ll see how the rest of the year goes, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to visit the US anymore;
  • Psychology: Hmn, I didn’t look into it any more seriously than I did before. I’m reading a really good book on body language at the moment – not that it fits into the psychology category, but my point with psychology is really to understand us better so… yeah;
  • Social circle: Right-o, I’m on it! I have to anyhow, more on that in a bit;
  • Set up a steady business in SecondLife: bah, no, I want to spend my time in there – which has become pretty short – having fun and meeting people. If a good (great) idea does come up I’ll probably elaborate on it, but I won’t be forcing something out.

That doesn’t look too good, does it? What have I done then?

Well, remember the medium goal? About taking charge, doing what I wanted to do? I did that.

I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing. I (humbly) refused an offer to keep doing what I was doing. I spoke out, I was heard, and I was offered a different kind of job. I liked it, I took it, and I love it so far!

Also, it made me move. I’m in another town now, baby, and guess what – I like it!

Also, I’m living “alone” (technically I have flatmates).

Also, it’s making me get off my ass and meet new people.

In fact, it’s time to go do just that, so I’ll just publish this without more thought. It doesn’t really need a conclusion anyhow. Later, gator!


Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Posted in Career, News on September 27, 2008 by Fax

Guess what guys: I’ll start working next Monday.

Or as I usually put it, I’m going to become a real person next Monday.

You know me (well, maybe not, but I know you want to :-)), I’m pretty calm and cool about things, and this is no different. Yet I’m really curious about everything that is about to change. Or is it really?

I guess the only major difference is the fact that I’ll have a monthly pay-check. I will stay in Porto at least this semester – I will only move out again, either some place else in Portugal or in the World, when I can fully support it myself. Financially, that is. Other than that, there will be a few changes in terms of organisation perspective, responsibility, and my daily routine.

Before I hop on I’ll just mention that it is still an internship I’m doing to finish my degree. I’ll be doing my best in order to have a shot at staying in the same company afterwards, for reasons I’ll explain in a second. The company I’ll be working for, Critical Software, creates highly dependable technologies. I’ll be working on tools that help making sure that… well, that everything goes right during the development of such technologies :-) I am so glad I have people other than engineers reading this, and still I almost forget to adapt my writing accordingly ;-)

Now why did I choose this place? Well, the company has been growing impressively, expanding to new markets every time they sense an opportunity. They have seized opportunities very well so far – they seem to know exactly what they are doing. They are especially concerned with quality in everything they do. They have high-profile clients all over the globe, and have contracts in a sector, among others, that I nurture a particular interest in: the aerospace industry. There seems to be something happening all the time. And that’s it

… I want to be immersed in a dynamic environment. I want challenges, I want to beat them and to be beaten sometimes. I want to learn as much as I can.

I don’t want to sit down and get well paid for doing the same thing over and over. Well not yet, at least, and not for a long while, I believe.

I’m young ;-)

Right now is the perfect time to go crazy. So to speak. I won’t want a vibrant job full of risk and travel when I’m trying to raise kids. Neither do I want a stagnant job while I still have yet to do a lot of things I want to do and have more than 90% of the world to see.

So yeah, hold me back, hehe :-)

An old thought came to mind when I visited the Ferreira Port wine cellars yet again, earlier this week while my French friends Aldric and Lise were visiting Porto. One of the previous times I’d been there, years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to spend some of my first pay-check on two or three bottles of a Vintage Port. No, no, not for the first-pay-party, I wasn’t even much of a drinker back then. The idea was to let them age until certain very special occasions occur. I don’t know if it’s any sort of hypnotic induction by the tour guides, but I still think it is a very good idea.

The problem is… how many bottles? ;-)